We are a

Young, enthusiastic

organization based in Kochi, Kerala’s business hub.

About us

Phenomtec is a young, enthusiastic organization based in Kochi, Kerala’s business hub. Innovation and total dedication to keeping abreast of cutting edge technology is our trademark. We have come up with original ideas for providing specialized training on mobile application development for iOS / Android, after intensive research which only showcases our commitment towards excellence.

Our Mission

Our mission as the tag line, “Enter an Intern, Exit an Expert” states, is to make every candidate an expert in the technology of their choice. Phenomtec’s specialized training courses are designed with the leading technology needs of the industry in mind. The courses are conducted with the real tools and devices by the experts in this field, so as to give attendees the right knowledge/skills to face the needs of emerging smart phone, tablet, social application world.

Our Vision

Our vision involves creating an active environment for individuals to develop their technical and analytical skills for taking on challenges in the new age smart phone, tablet devices and platforms, be it in individual mobile application development or enterprise solutions.

Avin Leo

Senior iOS Trainer

Aldrin Lenny

Course Architect

Suby Antony

Course Co-ordinator


iOS Trainer

Aneesh Neelakantan

Android Trainer
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